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Hi, My name is Verle Obri (pronounced: Verlay Obree).

I have been a photographer since 2015. 

I run an e-commerce based photography studio out of my private home catering

specifically to product, E-commerce and life style product photography to be used on websites like amazon and personal business websites.

That also includes all social media platforms. What I provide clients with

is high quality content that provides a massive value for every dollar invested.

Product photography and social content drives consumers to make purchasing decisions. I want your investment to generate an abundant return because that benefits both of us!

While one time projects are fine, I’m hoping we can establish a long term business relationship. Think of having a product photographer on retainer like an accountant or attorney. They are the part time contractor that understands your business and delivers results when you need them!

We provide photography for:

  • Jewelry

  • Food & Beverage

  • Beauty Products

  • Watches

  • Electronics

  • Household Items

  • Health & Supplements

  • And Your Cool Stuff !

Untitled design-2_edited.jpg

How It Works:

After our first consultation call, I will provide you with a quote that covers all of your project requirements. Once accepted, the fun starts. I’ll ask questions to learn about your brand, what types of things you like/don’t like and goals for the project.

 We’ll also discuss a shot list so I make sure to capture images of everything you want/need.After the consult, I will provide you with shipping instructions to ship your product/s  to me. Please be advised that you must provide us with a "pre-paid" label in order to ship the products back to you.

Ship Us

Your Product

We Photograph

Your Product

Approve Your Images

For Finalization

Download Your

Final Images

Following the photoshoot, you’ll get a private gallery of online proofs for you to review. Once you choose the images you want they will be professionally retouched and edited with final delivery within 3 – 5 days. Then I will ship your product/s safely back to you.



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