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Meet Verle Obri:

My Journey in Photography

My Story

I've always had a keen eye for the beauty in the world around us, which led me naturally to photography. Since picking up my first camera, a 1990 35mm Minolta maxxum, I've used my lens to transform everyday moments into striking, impactful images. 

Over time, my passion has evolved into a career, offering me the opportunity to tell stories through visual narratives. 

Photography, for me, is not just a profession, it's a tool to express and communicate. Whether you're a business in need of standout visuals or an individual seeking to document important moments, I'm here to help you create meaningful images that achieve your goals.

To achieve this, I employ the advanced technology of Canon camera systems, coupled with professional editing software such as Capture One, Lightroom, and Photoshop. My approach is aimed at not only capturing the physical aspect but also the essence and spirit behind each subject, ultimately solving a problem for small businesses and aiding them in conveying their story in the most authentic and captivating way.

Simply put:

I solve a problem for small businesses . I help them tell their story and I can help you call the story of your business.

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